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About Me!

Telling stories was always deeply embedded in me, largely due to the city in which I grew up. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana, where oral tradition and storytelling is a strong aspect of the culture.  Art is interwoven with the city, and it has sparked my passion for creativity, storytelling, and collaboration. I’d like to especially emphasize the appreciation that New Orleans gave me for people. Hospitality is a value deeply instilled in me, and I want to create spaces for people to gather and have fun.


When I was deciding upon my career path, one thing guided me: I always wanted to make people smile. Whatever job I had, I wanted to use my abilities to make others happy, and I fortunately found that in themed entertainment. The industry is built on bringing joy to others, and that is what continues to drive me.

As themed experience designers, we are secondary storytellers. The story that we are telling, or the people we represent, will always be the primary focus. We are vessels to carry stories onwards and upwards, to give them breath and to give them life. In realizing our designs, we can educate, entertain, and give new life to the people and stories we serve.

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